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Saturday, 25 February 2012

Have arrived in Amsterdam..... from the time I left home to this point, about 45 hours with very little sleep so looking forward to dinner, wine, of course a chat!! then sleep, this is a little sample of some of the Netherlands I experienced today, along with Herring and pickles....which I loved....less loved when I realised it was very raw....Dinner and wine awaits, tomorrow off to visit rural Netherlands
PS......very cold this afternoon I spied a thermometer at a place we were at and it was minus 3 at 4pm in the afternoon,,,,brrrrrrrrrrrrr.....


  1. Whoohoo! Looks great...that view brings back some great memories! Safe travels, lots of fun and great chats...

  2. Hi Linda - gorgeous photo! looks lovely. Still hot here in Clare. At least the cold weather will make the red wine taste better! Enjoy.