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Thursday, 1 March 2012

Back again...

A fabulous last day in the Netherland was spent at "Koppert Cress - Architecture Aromatic" business, talk about innovation!!  This company has taken herbs from around the world that have unique flavouring, ie honey flavoured cress, spicy mustard cress, salty thingo (wasnt a cress so thingo will have to be the official term as I dont know the name) and many, many more that are cultivated in huge green houses in the heart of Rotterdam.  These herbs are found naturally in the world and are not GM.

Probably what impressed all of us the most was the innovation in marketing skills of the MD, his unique style and distribution methods.... by-passing big supermarket chains, direct to world class chefs.  He has a fabulous kitchen in which famous chefs are "invited" to cook in, on a ripper stove that looks like it has supersonic capabilities and could launch itself to the moon...truly a beautiful piece of equipment!! and while they are cooking he is establishing a cable TV Channel for passionate cooks....all from working out that little herbs can have unique flavours..  He also talked about the stress of the salmonella outbreak that was blamed on hydrophonic cucumbers and how it was a stressful time in keeping the business viable during 2011, particularly after securing Chinese capital to expand the business and build more greenhouses....He was passionate, driven, direct and focussed on what he wanted..that being to get people to stop eating junk and start eating beautiful food...speaking of which we were treated to a magic lunch prepared on the supersonic stove, check it out below....

What I have learnt from the Netherlands visit is that the innovative nature of the Dutch has been operational for centuries, through their fascinating heritage, from the reclaiming of land from the sea, the intricate maze of channels that have been developed over the centuries to drain the water off the land.....some of the land is 7 metres below sea level!! To the drive for quality and perfection in their agricultural products and they know how to target the niche markets...those who will pay the most money!!  The Netherlands is an agricultural powerhouse, but I do still wonder if the "subsidies" of the EU were to go...how it would be different.

A treat..... I am leaving for London and the next part of the CSC, but thought I would share with you some beautiful images that a fellow scholar (Robert Blair) has taken...check these out... 

Thankyou Netherlands for a great time...now onto London, will blog once I find decent Wifi there x


  1. Great photos! Wonderful to share in your learning through the blog. All fascinating. Enjoy London!

  2. What a fantastic experience Linda...it sounds fabulous...was wondering....with the herbs that you discovered, did they have a salt substitute for me....its gotta taste like salt, and you know how much I like it!!! Have a great time in London..

  3. Hey Michelle the herb I tasted that was like salt would be a perfect substitute for you, healthier than the salt bottle in the handbag!! Problem is because of quarantine issues they can't bring the grown product into aust from the Netherlands, but they are looking at franchising in aust.... So will keep in touch with them and see what happens.....it's such a great innovation, fabulous, natural herbs with unique tastes!!!