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Monday, 5 March 2012


Our second day of Leadership training was held in this Grand Dining room in the centre of London, the speakers were insightful and varied and offered some great insight into Leadership at Industry level, there was a pivotal speech which I have reflected upon in an earlier blog, so I will tell you about the after lunch speaker, usually the "death" spot for a speaking list...full tummy, warm environment can make for a snooze zone....well....not with our Life Coach who spoke after lunch...my goodness, what a terrific speaker, we were gripped by his delivery and style, I wish I had taken a photo of him, he had this very stern look on his face, thoughtful stance and delivery style/body language (he has been an actor too) has a swag of qualifications around education and had us gripped for an hour with his unique style of coaching that he has been doing for 15 years to some very powerful corporate and political individuals.  It was a fabulous insight into to how a life coach can see things that others cant, or maybe the individual, doesnt want to see, or is oblivious to their "faults"
I picked up a card cause he will do remote coaching....but I dont know if I will go ahead....I think it could be brutal.....not sure I can be that brave!!

The Training rooms keep getting bigger and better....
  However if there is some brave individual reading this who wishes to participate in his unique style....let me know and I can pass on the details.......then tell me if it is scary!!

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  1. Looks like you are being very spoilt with your conference venues. It might make coming back home to Kindys and pubs and small rooms with no views a tad tricky...a bit of culture shock to come!! I am interested to hear more on the coach... can you share a few key points with us? What surprised you in what he said? Sounds fascinating! For a woman who bungy jumps in Africa and longs to be a contestant on the Amazing Race what is so scary about life coaching? id rather do that then jump of a cliff any day!!!