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Sunday, 4 March 2012

LONDON....Network and Leadership Training, New Zealand House...

Much as I hate to admit it the New Zealanders win in the location, location, location position in London...what a view, we did our training in the penthouse of New Zealand house...imagine training with such views....rivals some of the best training spots I have lectured in...ie the Laura pub, the Mundulla sport club, the Cummins hotel etc etc.....all fabulous in their own special way.

We were fortunate to have lectures and discussions with key EU/UK lobbying groups (brave people to come into a room of strong minded Nuffield scholars with views that are probably not mainstream views), along with a panel of Diplomats from various embassies who discussed with us the function of Diplomacy and global agreements such as the World Trade Organisation, and how negotiations can take up to a
decade +.....are you serious!!  I guess I would not be patient enough, but these guys are and its good we have them chipping away at hopefully a better, fairer world....
That evening the NZ High Commission hosted a reception for us that the Nuffield patron, HRH Duke of Gloucester attended, along with Diplomats from embassies such as Brazil, USA, UK etc, and this was the really fascinating part of the day, to talk one on one with these Diplomats and hear their honest and real views on their countries position on free trade, social equity etc in the world, it was a wonderful insight into the high level negotiations that take place by these country representatives and how critical and important their roles are sometimes...is was good to hear it from a very real view point...
In fact the private conversations has inspired 2 Nuffields to seek a Diplomatic career and they are now going to take steps towards acheiveing that goal...go for it girls, I hope you make it xx

My next blog will be about the Leadership day/training, but one thing I will share with you is how busy and crowded London seems to me this time...I have been here a number of times and it just seems more crowded than previously, I caught the subway the other morning and we were so packed in the train, it was awful, particularly for me who suffers claustrophobia ....I do wonder how London will cope with the Olympics and the logistics of another 1 million people...... Give me my "plasma" Olympics in the quiet Clare Valley.....Go Aussies!!!


  1. Wow this trip sounds as exciting and as inspiring as you could have wished for. Hope every day gets better. Back here had a top weekend under gentle autumn sunshine. Walked with Lisa Jane and Jenny(med student)and Wild Saffron coffee in the morning,then celebrated Ryan Lloyd and Liz engagement at a fantastic park on the Gorge Rd. Today caught up with the Plukhams at the Grape then walked back hom along the trail from there.Giants got beaten by Hawthorn but looked better than the score! Tonight we welcomed our new neighbour Chris into her house and found out Morella House is going back on the market! Oh and rang our boys-part of holding our family tight! Its always a good reminder!keep enjoying this fantastic opportunity!

  2. Gorgeous views and brilliant people - how fortunate you are. Im sure you are enjoying every moment. A great start to a year of awesome adventure and connection throughout the world! The photos are great so the camera must be working! Im here at Turton - weather is mild so have been 'porching' and enjoying the calm! Pity it is for work and not holidays but still magic to be here. Travel safe and stay away from the crowded tube if you can...