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Sunday, 18 March 2012

next planned International Nuffield trips...2012.... 1. Mid June to mid July, 2. Sept to mid Oct,
 3. Mid November (TBC)...2013...4. Mid Jan to Mid Feb (proposed)

Well...here I am again, back in the Clare Valley, enjoying my life, family, friends, farm and back into my agri-work/consulting/lecturing.....I arrived back mid week this week, off the plane then and went straight into reading new research projects for a board that I am a trustee (SAGIT), then 2 days of board meetings and $$ allocation to agri-research (snuck in a night at the Adelaide Fringe...fabulous fun)...I am very lucky to have this life...

London Eye, The Thames, Houses of Parliament, Big Ben and to the right...The Farmers Club where I stayed..great location
  We all departed from London back to our lives and whilst we are united in our vision of Nuffield research and there are so many synergies with our lives and businesses, how different the climate and environment can be sometimes, check out the pictures below, when I got back to Australia what the climate was like, and fellow Nuffield scholar Brenda Scheopp from Canada experienced on the day she returned....I think at some point in this fabulous year I will put a call out for all those Scholars and readers of the blog to send in a photo of their lives and environment on one particular day and I will share them on this blog...

Alberta Canada minus 20 degrees C

Clare Valley (Kybunga) 32 degrees C
Those who have read my blogs will appreciate what a magic experience this first part of my Nuffield year has been, full of inspirational people who have imparted so much knowledge and insight into the opportunities that are out there for us all, and to meet 40+ other scholars who are out there giving a year of their lives to deliver to the Global Agri Community,, valuable research as you can imagine...a breathtaking experience to be part of this.....I so thank those who have been following my blog, the response and page views have been amazing, I appreciate that many have found it difficult to work out the Google "pathway" of logging into being a follower and posting comments, and I have had texts and emails about the frustration at "things" whizzing into cyber space.  To keep it simple and stop frustration of trying to work through Google, if you keep viewing and have a question please email me direct and I will be happy to respond to you direct, and where I can I will post interesting questions and my response on the blog.

I have posted in the heading the proposed travel dates for this year and into 2013, I will be blogging whilst at home and preparing for the overseas travel, but will probably only do a report once a week while doing my domestic research, my next blog will be introducing (as promised in a previous Blog) some of the interesting International Scholars and what they are researching.

I will leave this blog with some photo images of London that I photographed whilst there, and in true "Where's Linda" tradition, and as per the original blog promise, there are some messages amongst these photos....happy reading xx

This reads..."Hey Jess xx...Hang in there Bryce, proud of you xx"

My arm wasnt long enough..this reads "Congratulations 2010/2011 Graduates..thanks for the great memories and friendships"

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